Drum electroplating baths

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Overall dimensions of the unit
     - length, mm 2310
     - width, mm 1400
     - height, mm 2270
Inner dimensions of the bath
     - length, mm, min 1040 
     - width, mm, min 900 
     - height, mm, min 650 
Volume of the drum, dm3   40
Bulk volume of processed parts, dm3 10 – 14
Weight of parts, kg, max   30
Working volume of electrolyte, dm3   550
Solution level*, mm, max   60
Length of the drum, mm   610
Electrolyte temperature, С, max   + 80
Supply voltage, V 36, 3Ф~50 Hz 
Consumed electric power, kW   0,36
Maximum current load per cathode, A 300 
Drum rotation frequency, rpm, max   11
Bell perforation, mm   1,0×1,0 or 2,8×2,8
Weight of equipment, kg, max   300
Loaded parts specifications  
- weight of each part, g, max   100
- length of each part, mm   1,2 – 80
- width of each part, mm   1,2 – 80 
- diameter of each part, mm  1,2 – 80
*- as the level of the solution we take the height from the upper side of the bath to the mirror of the solution

According to your task, a non-standard version of the bath with various combinations of equipment and perforations is possible.
Our managers will help you when choosing the optimal equipment.